Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a standard or analog phone line.


VoIP converts your voice into a digital signal that travels over over the Internet. With VoIP you can to make a call directly from a VoIP phone, any digital device such as a computer with a softphone interface or a traditional phone connected with a special adapter.

911 service is supported by IVSComm and works exactly the same as with your current phone service provider.

You own your phone numbers! 

The local phone company provides service for your phone but you own the numbers and have the right to transfer your phone service to any provider. 

The Federal Communications Commission has expanded local number portability to include VoIP service providers. FCC's Order gives consumers the right to keep the same, familiar phone number when switching to a new telephone company and ensured the consumers' opportunity to choose a telephone service provider based on quality, price and service.

Audio quality should be as good or better than standard analog phone quality.

There are two main factors that directly affect VoIP audio quality -- internet connection quality and your phone equipment.

If the connection and the phone are of high enough quality, the conversation will be clear. IVSComm will work with you to guarantee the voice quality by using the high-quality IP phones and analyzing your internet connection quality.

Sometimes internet connections are lost due to extreme weather or internet provider technical difficulties.

IVSComm works around this problem. If your internet does go down, with IVSComm as your VoIP service provider, the phones are still ringing at the cloud based server and can go directly to voice and/or email. We can also forward your phone calls to your cell phone to ensure that you still get your business calls. Once internet connectivity has been restored, IVSComm can remove your forwarding.

There is a paradigm shift when talking about phone lines via an internet phone service company.

For example a business has four standard analog lines one of which is the publicly documented phone number and the other lines are for roll-over. So a maximum of 4 lines are able to be used for in-bound and out-bound phone calls. The business must pay for each line along with phone usage from their phone company.

With IVSComm, you are no longer bound by the number of phone lines. Every in-bound call will ring and every out-bound call will get a ring tone. No matter how many calls are already being managed.

There are several factors to consider when moving your phone service to VoIP:


  • How many phones are used at your business?

  • How many simultaneous calls take place?

  • What is your standard computer internet usage? Is it mainly web page viewing and emails or are there advanced features being used such as webinars?

  • What is the upload capacity from your ISP (internet service provider)? This factor can be the most important since phone conversation requires dedicated bandwidth to maintain the 2-way conversation.

Using the factors above - the phone and internet utilization - a solid estimate can be determined to measure against the up and down bandwidth of your ISP. Click on the Speedtest link in the bottom corner of this page to get your current up and down speed. When the web page comes up, select the recommended server (the yellow pyramid on the US map) to start your test. It will return your bandwidth results.